Bruno Tank praises Wolfe siblings: “They will be part of the elite”

Coach spoke about two of his best pupils, Madison and Brayden Wolfe

Coach speak about two of his best students, Madison and Brayden Wolfe
Bruno Mendes, also known as “Tank” on the world Jiu-Jitsu scene is one of the most renowned professors of the sport in the USA. Co-founder of Soul Fighters, the coach is a true master on prepare young athletes while he coordinate the Jiu Jitsu program on his school in Allen, Texas. Among the many gems of Soul Fighters, it’s worth mentioning the siblings Madison and Brayden Wolfe.

-Since I started my school here in Allen Texas, five years ago, I have worked with Madison and Brayden. For sure they are above average, matter a fact, they are elite competitors even though they are still young. Both are very committed and they train harder than everybody. This and the talent they have make them so special.

Oldest on them, the blue belt Madison Wolfe has already become a two time world champion in No Gi and 2 times Pan American champion. She’s also two times runner up in the Gi. Maddie it’s Bruno Tank’s main instructor on the kids program in Allen. The tough girl also accumulates several titles at local events in Texas and several IBJJF opens. Asked about the importance of the coach in her career, Madison praised Bruno “Tank”, with which he identifies himself as her “dad” in Jiu Jitsu:

– Bruno “Tank” Mendes is a godsend! His calling is to teach, but also to influence the lives of so many in the community. I truly have the utmost respect for him as a professor and friend. I’d have to say he’s like my “jiu-jitsu dad”! Bruno has been there for me in my most difficult times in life. He has broken me during training only to build me up and make me the athlete I am and will become. Bruno has a passion I’m addicted to and I hope one day my students will see that reflected in me. The greatest honor to Bruno would not only be to win World’s as a black belt, but to also reciprocate what he has done for me to my students.

At age of 14 years old the orange belt Brayden Wolfe attract a lot of attention in competitions wherever he goes. He has three consecutive titles at IBJJF PanKids, the most prestigious tournament for kids in the world. Brayden also won all local events in Texas for the last five years, including a National tittle in Gi and No Gi.

Tank alongside Brendan Wolfe (center) and black belt Igor Paiva

Fan of Bruno Malfacine and Mikey Musumeci, the young american even still been a orange belt, compete locally on the blue belt division and beat them. He spoke about the importance of Jiu-Jitsu in his life:

–  Jiu-jitsu to me is a way for me to express who I am and what I do. The art of jiu-jitsu allows me to focus on the creative side while the sport allows me to focus on the competitive side. Both of these aspects describe who I am and what I do. I know my journey in life and jiu-jitsu is continually evolving. Therefore, I have great elation and dedication to be the best.

Bruno Tank has accumulated achievements in the North America circuit of Jiu-Jitsu, Bringing Soul Fighters to the top of the podium in several events. He strongly believe on the success of Maddie and Brayden. The Brazilian has no doubt that both athletes will reach the top of the sport:

– I have high expectations for them. I really believe they will made to black belt level and they will be on the elite group of competitors in the Jiu Jitsu scenario.

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